It’s a social problem

The problem with the 21st Century is that everyone is now hooked on a drug. I don’t mean an illegal substance, although sometimes it can leave a result just as bad. I mean Social Networking. 

Did you know there are 200 social networks currently active online (that’s just the most common ones, excluding dating websites) with the majority of users checking their profiles and news feed out at least 3 of them every day!

How many of us can say we can go a day without opening the Twitter or Facebook app? Or even wake up in the morning and get ready for the day without even glancing at the notifications that have been left overnight? We are all culprits of being addicted to social media and the “false lives” we live inside them whether it’s creating our own virtual farm or “liking” something that, to be honest, if someone told you in the street you wouldn’t really give two s#*ts about.

The odd thing about the world these days is that crazes and habit seem to die quicker than your first ever go on flappy bird, yet social media and the addiction seems to never die. You may get bored of your favourite site and deactivate your account yet the majority will be back online before the end of the month. 

The negative results that come out of social media seem to be on the increase yet more and more are creating profiles each and every day and even when things can get tough online that never steers anyone away and they’ll be back asking for a life on candy crush later the same day. 

The question I propose is that can anyone go a day without the interaction of social media without tearing their hair out? Everyone has seen what happens if certain apps and servers go down for 10 minutes but what about a day, a week or even a month?!

Would the world just stop moving?



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